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About Us
We are financially assisting poor child/Adult patients of AIIMS,Kalawati Hospital,Sarvodaya Hospital etc for their major/minor operation requirements ie heart-valve surgey,kidney transplant,Spinal equipments surgey etc. -We are team of physiotherapist,occupational therapist,teachers,engineers,disability managers,Geriatric care Givers etc. -we are team of special education system for underprivileged

We are trained professionals for disabled persons, We Provide counselling and occupational therapy to those needy persons and make them economically independent . We are geriatric care givers, provide this type of services to those elderly who are early needy. Imagine in 2025, when population of geriatrics people will be about 20 percent of total population of India.

Imagine geriatric people will feel burden at our country’s economy and there is no ostrageous policies will have been completed, then what will be happen to them. On accounting of the problems of geriatric population, sparsh intention (Regd) is making its strategies for the welfare of geriatric population. We as a nation seen quite content to tolerate this violation of their constitutional right.

It is because of this reality that S.I- sparsh intention exist today to amplify the voice of senior citizen. We believe that the geriatric people are respected citizen in their own rights, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights at sparsh intention. We do not believe in charity, nor we run old–age home, crèches or dispensaries or hospitals, instead we partner. at grass root level NGOS working with children, geriatric people their parents and communities. A sum working with and for children and senior citizen. Have taught us that resources have little to do with it. In India, villages and slums across 20 states, we have witnessed transformational changes happening, All it takes is communities becoming aware of their rights and coming together to ensure them. Not just by enrolling children in schools but by addressing the root causes that keep them psychological and economically depression exploited and abuse.

None of there micro-miracle would have been possible without people like you coming together from all walks of children and senior citizen. we are trained teams for geriatric and children. We know every sensitive issues of geriatric people. A slum population of children and geriatric population across India have opportunities they could not dream because you choose to make them happen the reality , however is all these many small triumphs with Sparsh intention reach the outlook for most of India’s underprivileged children will not change on a significant scale that will require much.It will require that we start thinking of children not as of sympathy but as citizen of India with same rights that we consider our due .

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